QuickSwitch is a Magisk module which systemlessly enables Pie recents (Quickstep) in any supported launcher. … Read more

Move Certificates

Moves certificates from the user certificate store to the system store. Also removes the┬áNetwork may … Read more

microG Installer

This is a Magisk module that installs microG GmsCore, GsfProxy and DroidGuard Helper to /system/priv-app. This … Read more

Riru Core

Riru only does one thing, inject into zygote in order to allow modules to run … Read more

z-RAM Swap Manager

A versatile zRAM swap manager with dynamic swappiness – for Android and GNU/Linux systems. Install/Upgrade … Read more

Init.d Injector

Injects init.d support: Via post-fs-data script if using magisk Via init script if system install … Read more