Download Magisk APK v26.3

Magisk v26.3 apk, the latest version of Magisk Manager, is now available for download. This update comes with several stability fixes and UI improvements to make the user experience smoother.

For those who are not in the know, Magisk ZIP is deprecated and the Magisk App is the recommended way to install Magisk on any device.

In this article, we are bringing the latest version of Magisk APK, Magisk Manager v26.3 for download. Read ahead to know more and download Magisk APK.

Download Magisk APK v26.3 (Latest Version)

Magisk v26.4

  • [MagiskBoot] Don't pad zeros if signed boot image is larger
  • [MagiskPolicy] Fix genfscon and filename_trans
  • [MagiskPolicy] Fix bug in libsepol
  • [Zygisk] Fix and simplify file descriptor sanitization logic
  • [App] Prevent OOM when patching AP tarfiles
  • [App] Fix bug in device configuration detection
  • [Daemon] Fix certificate parsing of APKs
  • [General] Fix logging errors from C++ code being ignored

Full Changelog: here