Init.d Injector

Injects init.d support: Via post-fs-data script if using magisk Via init script if system install (also installs setools by Xmikos ( Built with Unity installer by Zackptg5 ( and AnyKernel2 by Osm0sis ( details in support thread.

Download Init.d Injector Magisk Module

You can get the latest version of Init.d Injector by clicking the below link:




Full changelog

v1.7 – 9.2.2018

  • Unity v1.7 update

v1.6 – 8.30.2018

  • Unity v1.6.1 update

v1.5 – 8.24.2018

  • Updated to unity v1.6

v1.4 – 7.18.2018

  • Updated ak2
  • Unity v1.5.5 update

v1.3 – 5.7.2018

  • Redid ak2 logic – redo scripting (uses rather than sysinit), has capability to run init.d scripts as post-fs-data (default) and late_start (add ‘-ls’ to the end of the name of it), use this logic for all system installs
  • Magisk uses magisk boot scripts but does the same thing
  • Update it so it’ll work with sysover if user chooses
  • Unity v1.5.4 update

v1.2.1 – 4.26.2018

  • Unity v1.5.3 update

v1.2 – 4.16.2018

  • Unity v1.5.2 update

v1.1 – 3.17.2018

  • Run all scripts except live boot as late start in magisk due to magisk mount occuring after post-fs-data script

v1.0 – 3.16.2018

  • Initial rerelease