microG Installer

This is a Magisk module that installs microG GmsCore, GsfProxy and DroidGuard Helper to /system/priv-app.

This is originally based on Hieu Van’s microG Installer. Because his repository is deleted, GitHub chose another fork of the main repo as original repo. I archived the original code here.

Why you may want to use it

In short: this is the cleanest option to install microG and just be done with it.

UnifiedNlp, which is bundled with GmsCore, if installed as an user app doesn’t work on Android 7 and newer without an additional patch. An another solution to the above problem is to install the app as a privileged system app. However, this way is not perfect, due to those kind of apps being wiped after an OTA update. Therefore, I’m creating this module to help simplify the installation of microG with working network-based location.

DroidGuard Helper (optional) needs to be installed as a system app in order to pass SafetyNet.

GsfProxy needs to be an system app for some third-party apps.

Currently, GmsCore 0.2.22, GsfProxy 0.1.0, FakeStore 0.1.0, DroidGuard Helper 0.1.0-10 and MapsV1 0.1.0 are bundled in the module.

Note: Install this module before installing any GMS-dependent apps, as well as do not disable it after installing such apps, unless you know what you’re doing.


Note: if you do not want any proprietary code installed from this module, please create an file (with any contents) at /data/adb/no_droid_guard before install. This will remove SafetyNet support completely.

How do I get the real Play Store?

First, if it is broken, it’s probably a microG issue. Feel free to report issues in the bugtracker.

Get an Play Store APK (I suggest the patched Play Store by Nanolx). Then put it into /data/adb/ named Phonesky.apk(/data/adb/Phonesky.apk). You need to do that only once. If you now install, update or reflash microG Installer Revived there will be an message “Installing real Play Store”. This indicates it worked. Now grant all permissions. You can now install updates for the Play Store like for every app.


Linux, BSD, macOS, Android

Requires wget.

wget -O META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary https://raw.githubusercontent.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/master/scripts/module_installer.sh && zip microG_Installer_Revived.zip -9r *


Download this and put it into META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary. And ZIP it.

Download microG Installer Magisk Module

You can get the latest version of microG Installer by clicking the below link:

Latest Version

microG Installer Revived 3.4.2-0

  • Fix for real Play Store on Android 14
  • Fix for modern ColorOS/OxygenOS

Here’s all all the versions:

microG Installer Revived 3.4.2-0

  • Fix for real Play Store on Android 14
  • Fix for modern ColorOS/OxygenOS

microG Installer Revived 3.4.1-0

Update microG (including Companion, previously known as FakeStore) to 0.3.0

microG Installer Revived 3.4.0-0

  • Update microG to 0.2.29 & FakeStore to 0.2.1
  • Code cleanup & better workaround for framework shooting MagiskManager

microG Installer Revived 3.3.2-0

  • Update microG to 0.2.28 & FakeStore to 0.2.0
  • Fix session installer (now enabled by default)
  • Fix real PS not copied early enough
  • Refactor

microG Installer Revived 3.3.1-0

  • Fix regression in 3.3.0 by disabling session installer
  • Magisk crashes on certain ROMs (for example crDroid) should still be fixed, if the issue appears again, please let me know

microG Installer Revived 3.3.0-0

  • Fix whole Magisk app crashing on certain setups (especially crDroid)
  • Use session-based installer where available (Android 5+?)

microG Installer Revived 3.2.0-0

Update microG to 0.2.27

microG Installer Revived 3.1.0-0

Merry christmas to everyone who celebrates it! Here's my gift:

Update microG to 0.2.26

Happy new year!

microG Installer Revived 3.0.0-0

  • Fix minimum android version check (thanks ale5000)
  • Uninstall microG and Play Store when uninstalling the module
  • Update microG to v0.2.25
  • Fix network location for many devices by forcing microG as NLP provider
    • Should significantly improve apps' time required to find location
  • Support VollaOS OEM firmware (replace VollaNlp with microG NLP)

microG Installer Revived 2.6.3-0

  • Use FoxMMM feature (users of normal Magisk app get nothing new)
    • Support link
    • Install progress

microG Installer Revived 2.6.2-0

  • Bug fixes (by @Fs00)

microG Installer Revived 2.6.1-0

Fixes for Play Store on Android 12

microG Installer Revived 2.6.0-3

  • Move the apk workaround for xposed-only signature spoofing into the script so users don't have to manually install it
  • Grant FAKE_PACKAGE_SIGNATURE for play store in advance so users don't have to manually do it
  • Drop recovery installation completely

microG Installer Revived 2.5.0-0

Updated microG to 0.2.24

microG Installer Revived 2.4.0-2

fix magisk update json

microG Installer Revived 2.4.0-1

Added magisk updater json for 24.x

microG Installer Revivied 2.4.0-0


  • Updated microG

microG Installer Revived v2.3.0-0

Added option to disable DroidGuard installation to avoid proprietary code if unwanted.

microG Installer Revived v2.2.1

Bug fixes

microG Installer Revived v2.2.0-rc1

[changelog from 1.13.0 to 2.2.0]

  • Automatically grant all permissions for microG
  • Fix bug #20
  • clarify README
  • Added microG's Maps V1 emulation
  • Restricted unneccessary microG and Play Store permissions
  • added default permission policy for the multi-user feature

microG Installer Revived 2.1.0-1

  • merge #24
  • fix typo

microG Installer 2.0.0-0

(this is still in test phase)

  • Added potential fix for the permissions issue
  • Clarified README
  • Added MapsV1 reimplementation

microG Installer Revived 1.10.1-0

Fix bootloop on Android 11

microG Installer Revived 1.10.0-0

Update GmsCore to 0.2.17

microG Installer Revived 1.9.0-0

Update GmsCore to 0.2.16


Add Android 11 support (untested) Add real Play Store support


Update microG