Busybox for Android NDK

Static busybox binary for all Android architectures built with the NDK.

As a byproduct of building my own static busybox compiles in all supported Android architectures for my AIK-mobile package I figured I might as well offer them up separately as well since there weren’t any providers making Android x64 builds when I was researching.

The installer detects what architecture (ARM/ARM64, x86/x86_64, MIPS/MIPS64) your device uses and installs the correct busybox binary accordingly. It then cleans up any symlinks from a possible previous installation in the same directory and generates new symlinks directly from the output of the installed binary. Using the zip name (also reading from /data/.busybox-ndk) to allow user choice, “nolinks” may be specified to opt out of symlink creation, and “noselinux” may be specified to force non-SELinux builds. Detects and supports “systemless” root via SuperSU/Magisk installation as well.

Download Busybox for Android NDK Magisk Module

This module is not available as a downloadable zip file but you can get it easily from the Magisk App.