MagiskHide Props Config

This module is a very complicated way of doing something very simple. Complicated for me, that is… The aim is to make it easy for you, the user. The module changes prop values using the Magisk resetprop tool, something that is very easy to do with a Magisk boot script and some simple commands. This is very useful for a lot of things, among others to help pass the SafetyNet CTS Profile check on custom and uncertified ROMs. And of course, for any normal modification of your device that is done by altering build.prop or similar files.

What this module does is that it adds a terminal-based UI for those that don’t want (or can’t) create a boot script for themselves, making the process of creating such a boot script very simple. With this module I’m also maintaining a list of certified build fingerprints for a number of devices, so that it’s easy to pick one you want to use.

Keep reading below to find out more details about the different parts of the module.

Keep in mind that this module cannot help you pass CTS if your device uses hardware backed key attestation to detect an unlocked bootloader. There is currently no known way to circumvent that.


After installing the module and rebooting, run the command props in terminal (you can find a terminal emulator on F-Droid or in the Play Store), and follow the instructions to set your desired options. If you use Termux, you’ll have to call su before running the command.

You can also run the command with options. See below or use -h for details.

If you want further details as to what this module does and can do, keep reading. To get an overview of what is available, take a look at the index above. If experiencing issues, take a look at the part about Issues, support,etc, and don’t forget to provide logs when asking for help.

Download MagiskHide Props Config

Here’s all all the versions:































Run options

Usage: props NAME VALUE
   or: props [options]...

Entering a property NAME and VALUE will save
this information to the module settings as custom
prop values.

  -d    *Update to fingerprints test list during start.
  -f    *Update fingerprints list during start.
  -l    *Save module logs and info.
  -h    *Show this message.
  -nc   Run without colours.
  -nw   Run without connecting to the web during start.
  -r    *Reset all options/settings.
  -s    *Open script settings menu.
  -t    Activate test mode.
  -u    *Perform a module update check during start.

Options marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be combined with each other.

The settings option (-s) can be used even if the module boot scripts did not run.




Full Changelog


  • Added rudimentary tampering check.
  • Added fingerprints for OnePlus 9RT, Samsung Galaxy A52 4G and Xiaomi Mi 6X and Redmi K30 Pro. Updated fingerprints for OnePlus 6 to Nord CE, many variants. List updated to v137.


  • Updated custom props so that it’s possible to set the same prop with different values during different boot stages.
  • Updated some module checks to match the new state of Magisk (MagiskHide is dead, long live MagiskHide).
  • Added fingerprints for LG G8 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE SM-G780F and Xiaomi Redmi K20 Europe. Updated fingerprints for Google Pixel 3 to 5a (all variants), Nokia 6.1 Plus, Oneplus 6T, 9 and 9 Pro (several variants), Xiaomi Mi 9T Europe, Mi 9T Pro Global and Redmi K20 Pro China. List updated to v135.


  • Added settings file version check.
  • Added a check for the new Universal SafetyNet Fix and disable sensitive props at install if v2.1.0 or newer is detected.
  • Changed default boot stage for SELinux fix and triggering props to late_start service.
  • Fixed update check.
  • Fixed a few problems with the configuration file import.
  • Make sure late props are set after boot completed (might break some features otherwise, forgot about that).
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Added fingerprints for Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Indonesia. Updated fingerprint for Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G Global. List updated to v133.


  • Fix problems when trying to disable/enable sensitive props.
  • Fix typo when checking for triggering prop values (meant that props wouldn’t set properly during boot).
  • Fix UI info for if a sensitive prop has been set by the module or not.
  • More optimisations of the new code (but it’s by no means optimised).


  • Quickfix update to make the soft reboot when setting props in the late_start service boot stage an option. It has the potential for causing issues it seems (mainly on Samsung devices apparently). See the documentation for details.
  • Minor UI fixes and optimisations.


  • Updated the “Edit MagiskHide props” feature to include all the sensitive prop values that MagiskHide changed, up to and including Magisk v23. All props will now be set by default. See the documentation for details.
  • Alter the permissions for SELinux files if SELinux is permissive (was included in MagiskHide up to Magisk v23).
  • Reenabled “Force BASIC key attestation”, since Google seems to have changed things around again. See the documentation for details.
  • Fix reboot function in
  • Various small fixes.
  • Added fingerprints for Google Pixel 5a and Motorola Moto Z3 Play. List updated to v132.


  • Changed internet connection test to use Github rather than Google, for users that do not have access to Google in their countries.
  • Fixed a bug where prop values containing equal signs would be truncated.
  • Fix error message in log regarding copying system.prop during module installation.
  • Added fingerprints for the POCO F3 (Europe, Global, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey) and Redmi K40 China and updated the fingerprint for the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer. Fingerprints list updated to v131.



  • Updated the menu item for picking a device manually for the “Force BASIC key attestation” feature to better match the menu option. Press “f” to pay respect.
  • Minor updates to the “Force BASIC key attestation” menus to be more clear and informative (hopefully).
  • Added fingerprints for Nvidia Shield TV 2015, 2015 Pro, 2019 and 2019 Pro, OnePlus 8T (several variants), Redmi Note 8 Pro Global and Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G Global and Mi 10 Ultra. Updated fingerprints for Nvidia Shield TV 2017, OnePlus 6, 6T, 8 (most variants) and 8 Pro (most variants), POCO F2 Pro European, Samsung Galaxy A40 and Note 20 Ultra 5G and Xiaomi Mi 9T Europe and Global, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, Pocophone F1 and Redmi Note 8. List updated to v106.


  • Fixed issue with partition model props not being set correctly.
  • Make sure that simulating ro.product.model is completely disabled when enabling “Force BASIC key attestation”.
  • Removed Android versions from the device list when picking a model for “Force BASIC key attestation”.


  • Added a module update check option. See the documentation for details.
  • Added system_ext to the list of partitions used for certain props (thank you @simonsmh).
  • Fixed an edge case where changing settings after updating the module, but not having rebooted yet would cause issues with system.prop being kept from the previous version.
  • Fixed the -nw run option and made sure that some run options can’t be picked together. See the documentation for details.
  • Cleaned up some unused variables.
  • Added print for Sony Xperia 10 II Dual XQ-AU52. Updated fingerprints for Google Pixel 2, 2 XL, 4, 4 XL and 4a, OnePlus 8 IN2015 and 8 Pro In2025 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Global, Mi 10 Pro and Pocophone F1. List updated to v102.


  • More (very) minor ui tweaks.
  • Added fingerprint for Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo SM-J701M. Updated fingerprints for OnePlus 8 IN2013, 8 Pro IN2023, Nord AC2001, Nord European AC2003 and Nord Global AC2003 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T720. List updated to v5.
  • There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary numbers and those who don’t.


  • Some minor fixes/clarifications in the ui.
  • Added PIXELARITY to the list of modules that also edit device fingerprint.
  • Added fingerprint for Google Pixel 4a, Huawei Mate 9 and P9 EVA-AL10, OnePlus Nord Global AC2003, Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 and Xiaomi Mi 10 European. Updated print for Google Pixel 2-4 (all variants), Oneplus 6, 6T, 7 (several variants), 7 Pro (several variants), 7T (several variants), 7T Pro (several variants), 8 (several variants), 8 Pro (several variants) and OnePlus Nord, POCO F2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi 9T European. List updated to v99.


  • Added a feature to enable a delay for when custom props to be executed (during the late_start service boot stage). See the documentation for details.
  • Fixed a possibly longstanding bug where props couldn’t be set using the ui on some devices (would get stuck on “Working. Please wait…”).
  • Fixed some of the settings in an exported settings file not being set correctly.
  • Minor adjustments and bugfixes (mainly stupid bugs introduced in the last update).
  • Added fingerprint for Nokia 6.1, Samsung Galaxy S5, S10 and Tab S4 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G. Updated fingerprints for Asus ZenFone Max M1, Google Pixel 2-4 (all variants) and Xiaomi Pocofone F1. List updated to v97.


  • Added a new feature to force SafteyNet’s bootloader check to use basic attestation rather than hardware. See the documentation for details.
  • Added fingerprints for Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2, Fxtec Pro 1, Huawei Honor 6X BLN-L22, Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus, LG V30, OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 8 and 8 Pro (Chinese variants), OnePlus Nord, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and 2027 and Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1 and Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro India. Updated fingerprints for OnePlus 7 Pro NR and 7 Pro NR Spr, 8 (almost all variants) and 8 Pro (all variants), Redmi Note 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A3 and Redmi 8. List updated to v95.


  • Added a new run option to set custom props directly from the command prompt. See the documentation for details. Shoutout to @ps000000 @ XDA Developers for putting the idea in my head.
  • Added fingerprints for OnePlus 8 IN2019, Realme X2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G and Tab A 8.0 LTE 2019. Updated fingerprints for Google Pixel 2-4 (all variants), Huawei P20, OnePlus 8 IN2017, POCO X2 and Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite and Mi A3. Fingerprints list updated to v94.


  • Fixed the supposedly “improved” verbose boot logging.
  • Change to using Magisk’s internal Busybox for the props script (the boot scripts are already using it without issues and have for some time). Separately installed Busybox no longer needed. Thank you @Juzman for the push.
  • Added info about MagiskHide’s status in the “Edit device fingeprint” menu.
  • Added fingerprint for Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus TB-X704F and TB-X704L, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. Updated fingerprints for Google Pixel 2-4 XL, Motorola Moto G7 Power, OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, 6T, several variants of 7, 7 Pro, several variants of 7T and 7T Pro and several variants of 8 and 8 Pro, Poco X2, Redmi K30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Xiaomi Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite and PocoPhone F1. List updated to v92.


  • Fixed and improved verbose boot logging.
  • Fixed collecting logs producing a broken 0-byte file.
  • Logging does not need to use nanoseconds. Microseconds is enough.
  • Added ro.bootmode and ro.boot.mode to “Edit MagiskHide props”.
  • Don’t use in “Edit MagiskHide props” if it isn’t set.
  • Added fingerprints for POCO F2 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition and Note 9S, Samsung Galaxy A20 and Xiaomi Redmi 6 and 6A. Updated fingerprint for OnePlus 5, 5T, 7 Pro (GM1911 and GM1917) several variants of 8 and 8 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A3, Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7. Relabeled Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro and Redmi Note 8 Pro with Redmi as manufacturer. List updated to v91.


  • Added a function for disabling the module by placing a specific file in /sdcard, /data or /cache (see the documentation for details). Useful if there are issues with booting the device after installing/setting up the module.
  • Fixed some issues with setting partition props in other boot stages than default.
  • Fixed an issue with boot scripts clashing if script takes too long.
  • Fixed an issue with settings transfer overwriting the file backup at install.
  • Fixed an issue with log writing that came with the change to using getprop for retreiving prop values.
  • Added fingerprints for Xiaomi Redmi 7. Updated fingerprints for Google Pixel 2-4 (all variants), OnePlus 7 Pro NR, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Fingerprints list updated to v80.


  • Fixed issue with settings transferring between module updates.
  • Use resetprop only to set values and retrieve values with getprop. For whatever reason some devices have issues with resetprop and this might make the module work on those.
  • Updated fingerprints for OnePlus 6, 6T and 7T Pro NR. Fingerprints list updated to v79.


  • Another quick fix taking care of a weird copy-pasta error that broke manufacturer and model simulation.


  • Quick fix for broken fingerprints list and settings export.


  • Added ro.product.manufacturer and ro.product.model to simulation props.
  • Added an option to also use partition specific versions of simulation props (see the documentation for details).
  • Fixed basic device simulation so that it now only sets props that are already found on the device.
  • Fixed changing MagiskHide sensitive props in late_start service boot stage (see the documentation for details).
  • Updated simulation props editing so that several props can be activated at once (see the documentation for details).
  • Updated MagiskHide sensitive prop editing so that several props can be activated at once (see the documentation for details).
  • Added a new feature to export current module settings to a configuratino file (see the documentation for details).
  • Updated the documentation and added Android Dumps as a resource for finding certified fingerprints (see the documentation for details).
  • Various under the hood changes and improvements.
  • Added fingerprint for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Xiaomi Mi Box S. Updated fingerprints for HTC U12 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus and several variants of OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T. List updated to v78.


  • Reset current fingerprint if disabling fingerprint modification because of a conflicting module.
  • Fixed using the configuration file in /sdcard during boot on FBE encrypted devices.
  • Added fingerprint for Huawei P20 (L09 single SIM), Motorola Moto G7 Power, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. Updated fingerprint for OnePlus 7 Pro NR and Razer Phone 2. List updated to v73.


  • Updated the module to conform with the current module installation setup.
  • Minor updates.
  • Added fingerprint for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Xiaomi Mi 9T (Global version). Updated fingerprints for Essential PH-1, Google Pixel 2-4 (all variants), Oneplus 5, 5T and 6T, Xiaomi Mi 9T (European version), Mi Mix 2 and Redmi Note 4/4x. Fingerprints list updated to v72.


  • Fixed issue caused by some devices toybox commands not working as expected.
  • Cleaned up the post-fs-data script to remove unnecessary strain from the boot process. Moved as much as possible to the late_start service boot script instead. Among other things, this means that there will be a reboot late in the boot process when using the configuration file during boot (see the documentation for details).
  • Added new script setting to execute the post-fs-data module boot script completely in the background (see the documentation for details).
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Various minor fixes and optimisations (which just means I can’t remember exactly what I did and can’t be bothered to look it up).
  • Added fingerprints for the Fairphone 2, Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, OnePlus 7T and Samsung Galaxt Tab A WiFi. Updated fingerprints for the Essential PH-1, Google Pixel 2-3a (both regular and XL), OnePlus 6, 6T, 7 Pro and 7 Pro NR, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite and Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro. List updated to v66.


  • Fixed issue with settings being cleared when updating from earlier module versions. Sorry if anyone got all their custom props removed…
  • Fixed issue with creating a custom prints list.
  • Fixed issue with saving Magisk log.
  • Added fingerprint for Xiaomi Note 7 Pro. Fingerprints list updated to v65.


  • Updated possible locations for both the configuration and reset files (can now be placed in the root of internal storage, in /data or in /cache).
  • Updated device simulation so that all props now are disabled by default. Should hopefully make a few less careless users experience issues caused by the feature. NOTE! All simulation prop values will be disabled with this update. If you did have basic simulation enabled prior to the update, you have to manually enable it again.
  • Updated device simulation and added
  • Updated reboot function.
  • Fixed a bug with the reset file (reset_mhpc) where system.prop would not be reset.
  • Fixed the setting of fingerprint props so that props that aren’t already present on the device won’t be set.
  • Fixed a bug where too similar custom props could not be set.
  • Fixed removal of old settings file on a fresh install.
  • Fixed possible issues with retrieving default file values on some devices/ROMs.
  • Fixed an issue where colours and clearing of the screen between menus don’t work on Magisk v19.4+. Credits to @veez21 for the fix.
  • Stopped using /cache for logs and other module files. New location is /data/adb/mhpc. See the documentation for details.
  • Removed the “Improved root hiding” feature. It is most likely just placebo, but more importantly will also mount the system partition as rw on SAR devices. Big no-no… Might make a reworked reapperance in the future.
  • Slight tweaks to the ui and on-screen instructions, for (hopefully) better clarity and understanding.
  • Updated fingerprints for Asus Zenfone 6, Essential PH-1, Google Pixel 1-3a (regular and XL) and Pixel C, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Motorola Moto G5S, OnePlus 5, 5T, 6T and 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Xiaomi Mi A2, Pocophone F1, Redmi 5A, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 7. Added prints for Asus Zenfone 3 Max, Nokia 6.1 Plus, OnePlus One, Walmart Onn 8, Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9T, Mi A3, Redmi 4A and Redmi Note 4 Mediatek. Removed fingerprint for the LG G6 H872. List updated to v64.


  • Tiny bugfix release. A couple of messed up variables restored to their full glory.
  • Updated fingerprint for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/5 Plus. List at v55.


  • Removed prompt to enable device simulation after changing device fingerprint. It has too much of a chance of causing issues and is not necessary for passing the CTS profile check.
  • The check for conflicting modules that do similar edits to MagiskHide Props Config now takes into account if the conflicting module is disabled.
  • Made sure that custom props can be edited for boot stage or reset, even when not set yet.
  • I was gonna add a chemistry joke, but all the good ones Argon.
  • Various small fixes and optimisations.
  • New fingerprints for LG V20 (several variants) and Lenovo K6 Note, and updated for LG G5 and G6 (several variants), Motorola Moto G5S, Oppo Neo7 (several variants) and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Fingerprints list updated to v53.


  • Fixed a bug where the automatic fingerprints update function would always revert to the oldest print available for the set device.
  • Added two new devices to the fingerprints list, Oppo Neo 7 and Xiaomi Mi 9. List updated to v52.


  • Updated to the new module template. Otherwise the same as v3.5.2, apart from some code cleanup.
  • Due to some of the code cleanup and the new template, this release is only compatible with Magisk v19+. Users not updating to Magisk v19+ can use module v3.5.2.
  • New (Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus and Tab S3, Xiaomi Mi Note 3) and updated (Essential PH-1, Google Pixel and Pixel XL 1-3 and Pixel C, OnePlus 5T and Xiaomi Mi A2 and Pocophone F1) fingerprints added. List at v51.


  • Fixed a bug where automatic update of the applied fingerprint during installation would cause the installation to fail.


  • Fix a few bugs causing props not setting properly at boot in some cases when using the system.prop boot stage.
  • Moved to late_start service by default, so as not to cause issues for devices with Keymaster 4 (possible source of bootloops). Thank you @Nebrassy.
  • Added an option to change security patch date boot stage under “Edit device fingerprint” boot stages.
  • Added a new fingerprint for the Xiaomi Redmi Note7 and an updated one for Motorola Moto G6 Play. Fingerprints list updated to v50.


  • Added to the device simulation props (see the documentation for details).
  • Updated editing the device fingerprint feature so that fingerprints for different Android versions can be added to the fingerprints list and the user can pick the desired one when applying a new fingerprint (see the documentation for details). Several fingerprints have been updated with dual fingerprints.
  • Updated and optimised when props are set during boot. Uses Magisk’s system.prop function by default, rather than post-fs-data, to avoid putting a strain on the system during boot. At what boot stage props are set can of course be completely configured by the user (see the documentation for details).
  • Updated the configuration file to match current settings (see the documentation for details). Update your personal files to match.
  • Fixed a bug where the props file wouldn’t get the proper permissions when using the configuration file on a clean install.
  • Fixed a bug where saving the simulation value for would give a wrong vaule.
  • Fixed an infinite loop bug if making an invalid choice when asked to reboot.
  • Optimised and cleaned up some code here and there.
  • Updated the fingerprints list. Added Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Huawei Honor 8X to the list, and updated Huawei Honor 9, P20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S. List updated to v49.


  • Small update to the query for activating device simulation or not when picking a new fingerprint.
  • Updated the fingerprints list and added Asus Zenfone Max M1 and the Elephone U Pro to the list, and updated the OnePlus 5. List updated to v44.


  • Another quickfix, this time fixing editing already set custom props (a victim of slightly too heavy-handed optimisations of variable and settings retrieval in v3.0.0).


  • Quickfix for updating the module from v2.7.2 or earlier.


  • New function for device simulation. The module sets a number of device specifying props based on the used fingerprint. See the documentation for details.
  • New function for Treble GSI users that have a stock vendor partition: The module can use the certified vendor fingerprint found there. See the documentation for details. Thank you to @oF2pks for making me aware of this possibility.
  • New function where the currently used fingerprint automatically will be updated if there’s a new fingerprint for that device added to the fingerprints list. See the documentation for details.
  • New function to set custom props in both post-fs-data and late_start service mode. See the documentation for details.
  • Updated the configuration file function so that the file will now be detected during installation or at boot. See the documentation for details.
  • Updated the locations for placing the configuration file when importing settings to the module. See the documentation for details.
  • Updated the configuration file to be version specific. Make sure you use the latest available configuration file.
  • Fixed compatibility with changed boot stages in Magisk v18.1-d73127b1(18006).
  • Fixed double download of fingerprints file if using the -f option and cleaned up the runtime options a bit.
  • Fixed module reset option.
  • Optimised variable and settings retrieval.
  • Optimised module boot scripts.
  • A whole bunch of minor fixes and cleanups.


  • Re-run the post-fs-data script if the Magisk image wasn’t mounted yet or if the script has been reset.
  • Added fingeprints for Razer Phone 1 & 2 and Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, and updated fingerprints for Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi A2 & Pocophone F1. List v40.
  • Mostly harmless.
  • Small fixes, as usual.


  • Fixed an issue when users create custom prints list and configuration files with Windows file endings.
  • Fixed an issue where the currently picked device wouldn’t show for the custom prints list.
  • Added fingerprints for Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE and Xiaomi Mi A2 & Redmi Y1. Updated fingerprints for Essential PH-1, Google Nexus 5X & 6P, Pixel 1-3 (both regular and XL) & C and Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. List updated to v39.


  • Updated Busybox logic (again). It is now required to install Busybox alongside the module, to ensure proper functionality. I recommend @osm0sis’ Busybox, installable as a Magisk module from the Magisk repo.
  • Added fingerprints for Google Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013, WiFi & LTE), Nexus 9 (WiFi & LTE) and Pixel C, LG V30, Motorola Moto E5 Plus, OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and S5, and Xiaomi Mi 8. Updated the fingerprint for Huawei P8 Lite and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. List updated to v38.
  • Probably some other small fixes as well. Can’t remember…


  • Fixed some of the “optimisations” I did in the previous release (read: I messed up).


  • Fixed the “Delete prop values” function to properly delete persistent props.
  • Updated for the new paths introduced in Magisk v17.4-ab5fedda(17316).
  • Added and updated fingerprints for Google Nexus 10, Huawei P8 Lite and LG G5 850. List updated to v37.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.


  • Fixed custom fingerprints list that broke with the fingerprints list optimisation in v2.5.0.
  • Added fingerprints for Huawei P9 Plus and HTC U12 Plus. List updated to v34.
  • Minor improvements.


  • Another quick fix. Keep ’em coming…


  • Small fix (revert really) for possible issue with setting prop values (including fingerprint).


  • Updated the fingerprints list to load much, much faster.
  • Added and updated fingerprints for Huawei Mate 10, Nextbook Ares 8A, OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T, and ZTE Axon 7. List updated to v33.
  • The new and improved SafetyNet fix turns out to be not only for Android Pie. Gone through the entire list and added security patch dates where needed.
  • Fixed some seriously botched code in v2.5.0.
  • As usual, small bug fixes and improvemnts.
  • No Yoshis where harmed during the making of this release.


  • Improved/fixed the SafetyNet fix when using Android Pie fingerprints.
  • Updated/changed Busybox logic.
  • It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.
  • Added and updated fingerprints for Essential PH-1, Google Pixel and Pixel XL (all three variants) and Nokia 7 Plus. Fingerprints list v31.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements.


  • Another small update, fixing my bad memory (I wish).


  • Small update to the root detection logic. Should fix issues on devices with a broken id command.


  • Updated to Magisk module template v17000. Compatible with Magisk v17+ only.


  • Added a check for if the download of the internal Busybox fails.
  • Added an option for picking what boot stage a custom prop should be set in.
  • Updated the internal Busybox to @osm0sis’ latest 1.29.2 build.
  • Don’t panick!
  • Updated and added a couple of fingerprints.
  • Various improvements, etc.


  • Added md5 checksum when downloading the internal Busybox.
  • Changed the default boot stage from late_start service to post-fs-data.
  • Various fixes and improvements, as usual.


  • Fixed issue with Busybox version detection.
  • Fixed the documentation. Some parts had been accidentally deleted. Oops…
  • Improved log collecting.
  • Added and updated fingerprints for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Redmi Note 5A Lite, list v23.
  • Minor improvements here and there. Hopefully I haven’t broken something this time…


  • Updated for Busybox v1.29.1. Thank you @osm0sis.
  • Bugfixes. Because I’m blind.


  • Tiny update for installation logic and documentation.
  • Also added and updated a whole bunch of fingerprints (Huawei Honor 6X, Sony Xperia X Dual, X Compact, X Performance Dual, XZ Dual, XZ Premium, XZ Premium Dual, XZ1, XZ2, XZ2 Dual, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Compact Dual and Xiaomi Mi5/5 Pro), list v22.


  • Finally fixed installing with the configuration file on a clean Magisk installation.
  • Fixed updating placeholders if boot scripts gets restored at boot.
  • Updated the power requirements to 1.21 gigawatts.
  • Updated and added new fingerprints (Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, Huawei P9, LG G4, Motorola Moto C Plus and G6 Play, Samsung Galaxy J5 2015, Xiaomi Mi 4C and Mi Mix 2S), list v21.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates.


  • Fixed permissions for the settings boot script when using the reset option.
  • Fixed log collecting.
  • Added automatic log collecting when there’s an issue with the boot scripts.
  • Some updates to the documentation, mainly regarding troubleshooting issues.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.


  • Added a function for removing props. See the documentation for details.
  • Added a function to collect and package the logs and relevant troubleshooting files for easy uploading.
  • Updated and clarified the documentation on how to use the configuration file.
  • A bunch of improvements and tweaks. Several of which may go horribly wrong.
  • Updated and added bunch of new fingerprints (Asus ZenPad S 8.0, Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual and XZ1 Compact, Xiaomi Mi 4C and Redmi Note 3 Pro SE), list v19.
  • Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink! Good luck.


  • This is not the changelog you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.
  • Fixed a bug with setting custom props where the value contains spaces.
  • Added a couple of fingerprints (OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi Note 2) and cleaned out a few old ones, list v 18.
  • As usual, a whole bunch of script improvements that hopefully won’t break anything.


  • Added a check for entering empty values for fingerprint and custom props.
  • Added a command option to go directly to the settings menu. Run props with the -h option for details.


  • Added an option to set prop values earlier in the boot process.
  • Moved module setup from to post-fs-data.d.
  • Fixed installing module on a fresh Magisk install.
  • Fixed restoring the boot scripts during post-fs-data boot stage.
  • Updated and added some new fingerprints (Google Pixel 2 XL, Huawei Honor 9, Samsung Galaxy J5 and Note 8, Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi Max 2 and Redmi Note 5 Pro), list v17.
  • As usual, a bunch of improvements. They’ll likely not harm any kittens, but might break the module.


  • Added some new fingerprints (Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Z1, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/5 Plus), list v15.
  • Very minor improvements that doesn’t even deserve their own release, or changelog.


  • Show what device the currently set fingerprint is from.
  • Fixed,updated and added a bunch of fingerprints, list v12.
  • Minor updates and improvements.


  • Fixed improved hiding.
  • Fixed using the configuration file on a clean install.
  • Fixed a fault in the AE-35 Unit.
  • Improved logging.
  • A bunch of optimisations that will probably break stuff.


  • Reverted the function to only editing existing fingerprint props.
  • Optimised setting the different props.
  • Minor updates and improvements.


  • Detects and edits only existing device fingerprint props.
  • Slightly optimised the boot scripts.
  • New fingerprint (Motorola Moto E4), list v10.
  • Minor updates and improvements.


  • Fixed transferring custom props between module updates.


  • “Improved hiding” will now also mask the device fingerprint in build.prop. Please reapply the option to set.
  • Fixed colour code issues if running the script with ADB Shell. Huge shout-out to @veez21 over at XDA Developers.
  • Fixed typo in A/B device detection. Thank you to @JayminSuthar over at XDA Developers.
  • New fingerprints (Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact), list v8.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Added a function for setting your own custom prop values.
  • Added a function for setting values by configuration file. Useful if you want to make a ROM pass the ctsProfile check out of the box.
  • Added a function for resetting the module by placing a specific file in /cache. Useful if a custom prop is causing issues.
  • Added a function to set options for the props script. See the documentation for details.
  • Added command option to not check online for new fingerprints list at start. Run props with the -h option for details.
  • Restructured the fingerprints list menu. Sorted by manufacturer for easier access.
  • New and updated fingerprints (lots), list v6.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed logic for checking the original prop values.
  • New fingerprints (Xiaomi Mi 5, ZTE Axon 7), list v4.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Now in the Magisk repo. Updated to match.
  • New fingerprint (Pixel 2), list v3.
  • Show info when checking for fingerprint updates.
  • Minor changes and improvements.


  • New fingerprint added (Sony Xperia Z3).
  • Added the ability to update the fingerprints list automatically


  • Initial release. Compatible with Magisk v15+.