Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode

Manage your Magisk modules from recovery (e.g., TWRP) — run “sh /sdcard/mm” on recovery terminal.

Features list

  • Automatically fix magisk.img (e2fsck -fy)
  • List installed modules
  • Toggle
    • Core only mode
    • Magic mount
    • Disable
    • Remove



  • Install
  1. Flash live (e.g., from Magisk Manager) or from custom recovery (e.g., TWRP).
  • Uninstall
  • Use Magisk Manager app or mm itself (supports, too).


  • First time (right after installing/updating) – run mm or sh /sdcard/mm on recovery terminal.
  • Next times (while in recovery) – no need to re-flash the zip; simply run sh /sdcard/mm on recovery terminal.
  • Follow the instructions/wizard. Everything is interactive.
  • Pro tip: lazy people can try running */mm instead of sh /sdcard/mm.

Download Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode Magisk Module

You can get the latest version of Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode by clicking the below link:




Full changelog

2019.4.4 (201904040)

  • Complete redesign
  • Magisk 17-19 support (including
  • Toggle core only mode
  • Updated information (copyright, documentation, and module description)

2018.8.1 (201808010)

  • General optimizations
  • New & simplified installer
  • Striped down (removed unnecessary code & files)
  • Updated documentation

2018.7.24 (201807240)

  • Fixed modPath detection issue (Magisk 16.6).
  • Updated documentation