LKT Kernel Tweaks

KT can identify your device hardware and optimize your kernel settigns for maximum power efficiency without performance loss.

Why LKT?

LKT is a cumilation of different strategies that target certain kernel settings.

What makes this special and stand out from the crowd is being universal and device specific at the same time. And it’s also BS free. Using simple functions LKT detects the hardware of your device then it applies the corresponding changes. It does support all mainstream platforms including Snapdragon, Kirin, MediaTek etc. covering hundreds of devices.


LKT aims to achieve the balance between power consumption and performance. Compared to tuning the parameters manually, LKT adopts Project WIPE excellent open-source parameters for almost all mainstream SOCs that are generated via machine learning (A.I) and can adapt to multiple styles of workload sequences. This idea is similar to EAS, which takes into account both performance and power consumption costs through power consumption models and workload sequence, but obviously, EAS has a much lower response time and replaces tuning with decision logic. In addition, it also includes other parameter tuning, such as HMP parameters, Virtual Memory, GPU, I/O scheduler, TCP and Doze rules to unify the rest of the kernel parameters for a more consistent experience.

How to make sure that it is working?

Using a root file manager check the logs by navigating to /data/LKT.prop You may screenshot & upload your logs to share them in case of having troubles


• Magisk 17+
• Busybox


Please note that even if your device isn’t listed some parameters may still apply

Snapdragon 615-616
Snapdragon 625-626
Snapdragon 636
Snapdragon 652-650
Snapdragon 660
Snapdragon 801-800-805
Snapdragon 810-808
Snapdragon 820-821
Snapdragon 835
Snapdragon 845
Exynos 7420 (Samsung)
Exynos 8890 (Samsung)
Exynos 8895 (Samsung)
Helio x10 (MEDIATEK)
Helio x20-x25 (MEDIATEK)
Kirin 950-955 (HUAWEI)
Kirin 960 (HUAWEI)
Kirin 970 (HUAWEI)

Download LKT Kernel Tweaks Magisk Module

This module is not available as a downloadable zip file but you can get it easily from the Magisk App.



v1.3.0 (19/12/2018)

  • Fixed hardware auto-detection fail after last update for some devices
  • Added support for sultanxda cpu boost implementations
  • Updated to latest UNITY template 2.0
  • Bug fixes and refinemetns

v1.2.9 (18/12/2018)

  • Important chip detection fixes
  • Improved swap detection & removal
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.2.8 (18/12/2018)

  • Bug fixes for manual chip detection workarround

v1.2.7 (18/12/2018)

  • Minor fixes

v1.2.6 (17/12/2018)

  • Added manual workarround for devices with unrecognized chip (Huawei,Xiaomi etc..)
  • Removed EAS support (except sd845) untill further notice (too experimental)
  • Corrected SD845 configs
  • Agressive tunded LMK for Turbo profile for better gaming experience
  • Fixed Termux app conflicts
  • Bug fixes and refinemetns

v1.2.5 (17/12/2018)

  • Added Performance & Turbo profiles
  • Added partial support (balanced profile only) for exynos9810, kirin650, sd615
  • Fixed battery drain for EAS devices
  • Fixed some devices not being recognized (again)
  • Fixed some bugs with low RAM devices
  • Fixed RAM capacity not being displayed correctlly
  • Script refinements
  • A ton of bug fixes

v1.2.4 (16/12/2018)

  • Fixed connectivity issues for some devices
  • Improved SOC chip recognition for some devices
  • Other minor bug fixes & refinements Thanks to @pKrysenko & all telegram group members for testing

v1.2.3 (15/12/2018)

  • Minor bug fixes

v1.2.2 (14/12/2018)

  • EAS parameters enhacements
  • Memory tuning enhancements
  • Added support to SD615/SD616
  • Changed hardware detection method
  • I/O scheduler changes
  • Removed forced doze for GMS & ril services
  • Improved scrolling & FPS in applications
  • Added detailed battery health check
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements

v1.2.1 (07/12/2018)

  • Fixed a bug that makes governor parameters not stick after a while
  • Fixed a bug where CPU is not recognized correctly (Improved SoC detecting)
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements

v1.2 (05/12/2018)

  • Added missing cpu boost for some SoCs on balanced profile
  • Improved swap detection & disabling (again)
  • Reviewed & removed some stuff
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements

v1.1 (04/12/2018)

  • Fixed a bug where chip name in upper case isn’t recognized
  • Swap partitions detecting improvements
  • Some small but important script code fixes Thanks to whalesplaho @XDA for testing and discovering this

v1.0 (04/12/2018)

  • First release