Hide My Applist Magisk Module

An Xposed module to intercept applist detections.

Although it’s bad practice to detect the installation of specific apps, not every app using root provides random package name support. In this case, if apps that use root (such as Fake Location and Storage Isolation) are detected, it is tantamount to detecting that the device is rooted.

Additionally, some apps use various loopholes to acquire your app list, in order to use it as fingerprinting data or for other nefarious purposes.

This module can work as an Xposed module to hide apps or reject app list requests, and provides some methods to test whether you have hidden your app list properly.

How does HMA Magisk module work?

HMA install inline hooks for syscalls and replace the path to dummy to make the app think there “isn’t” suspicious files or directories.

However, syscall hook is very unstable, and can be detected by some methods. So do not switch on file detection / maps scan interceptions if not needed.

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Latest Version


Fix crash on Android 14 Prevent a detection from system service Update translations # 修复 Android 14 上闪退 避免一个系统服务的检测 更新翻译

Here are all the versions:


Fix crash on Android 14 Prevent a detection from system service Update translations # 修复 Android 14 上闪退 避免一个系统服务的检测 更新翻译


Fix bugs Reduce logs when detail logs off Support system data isolation manage Don't need to reload config every time when upgrading system service version Fix system service not running on some A13 devices # 修复 bug 减少未开启详细日志时的日志记录 支持修改系统数据隔离设置 系统服务版本更新后不再需要每次重载配置 修复在一些 Android 13 手机上系统服务未运行的问题


Uninstall Magisk module! 务必卸载 Magisk 模块!

  1. Support Android 13
  2. Use more effective interception method for higher version systems
  3. No longer need the Magisk module, make sure to uninstall it, or you will bootloop
  4. Support disable /data/data detection for Android 11 and above
  5. UI redesign, use Material You style
  6. Support night mode and custom theme color
  7. Multi-language support
  8. Better logs page
  9. Auto refresh app list when (un)installed apps #
  10. 支持 Android 13
  11. 对高版本系统采用更强大的拦截方式
  12. 不再需要 Magisk 模块,请将其卸载,否则会卡开机
  13. 支持对 Android 11 以上阻止 /data/data 检测
  14. UI 重绘,使用 MD3 风格
  15. 支持夜间模式和自定义主题
  16. 多语言支持
  17. 更好的日志页面
  18. 安装/卸载 app 时自动刷新应用列表

V2.3.2 Final Version

V2.3.2 最终版本 / Final Version

更新日志: 添加 syscall 拦截 移除 maps 拦截(因为没有意义。UI懒得删了) 支持 Zygisk(一定记得先删除旧的 Magisk 模块!

距离上个版本发布已经过了很长一段时间。由于各种琐事,本项目将停止更新,这也意味着 V2.3.2 将可能是本项目的最后一个版本,不过仍然存在很多已知 bug(比如如果 Xposed 模块被禁用的情况下未禁用 Magisk 模块则将会导致 bootloop、开启文件拦截后后部分银行闪退)。

注意:更新 V2.3.2 后,请务必先卸载旧的 Magisk 插件,并通过应用内的安装按钮安装新的插件。若出现无法获取 root 权限的提示,请手动从 apk 中提取安装包并重命名为 Riru-HideMyApplist.zipZygisk-HideMyApplist.zip 后通过 magisk --install-module zip路径 安装指令手动安装。

虽然 HMA 已经暂停更新,不过仍然欢迎提交翻译或是修复PR,如果希望加入讨论组,请查看 Telegram 频道的第一个置顶。我的新 app 仍在继续开发中,不过不清楚什么时候能够发布第一个预览版本。感谢大家一路的支持,暂时的离别是为了更好的相逢,期待与你们在新的旅程相见。 # Changelog: Add syscall interception Remove maps interception (Because it is meaningless. Though I am lazy to remove it from UI) Support Zygisk (Be sure to remove the old Magisk module first!)

It has been a long time since the last version was released. Due to various trivial matters, HMA will stop updating. This means that V2.3.2 will probably be the last version of this project, but there are still a lot of known bugs (If the Magisk module is enabled with the Xposed module disabled, it will cause bootloop; After switching on file interception, some banks are not functioning properly).

Note: Uninstall old Magisk extension before updating to V2.3.2, then install the new one via the install button in the app. If you encounter unable to get root access, please manually extract the installer from the apk and rename it to Riru-HideMyApplist.zip or Zygisk-HideMyApplist.zip and install it manually with the magisk --install-module zippath command.

Although HMA is suspended, you are still welcome to submit translations or fix PRs, and if you want to join the discussion group, please check the first pinned message in the Telegram channel. My new app is still on development, but it's not clear when the first preview version will be released. Thank you all for your support along the way, and I look forward to seeing you all on the new journey as we part for the better.

V2.2.4 Release

  • Add install extension button on main page
  • Fix scroll bug #
  • 首页添加安装插件按钮
  • 修复滑动问题

V2.2.3 Release

  • Fix duplicate data directory problem
  • Update translations #
  • 修复重复数据目录问题
  • 更新翻译


  • Add built-in Magisk extension, which can be installed by clicking the activation information bar when activated the module #
  • 内置 Magisk 插件,在成功启用模块后可点击激活信息栏进行安装


  • Add some translations
  • Randomize data directory to prevent detection
  • Add more hide methods
  • Support custom query param interception (Common users need not concern about this)
  • Support multiuser
  • Add a small amount of Google ads (This can improve my motivation of development. After all, this is a free module) #
  • 增加一些翻译
  • 随机存储目录以防检测
  • 增加更多隐藏手段
  • 支持自定义隐藏字符串(一般用户用不到)
  • 支持多用户
  • 加入少量谷歌广告(开发者也需要恰饭,毕竟这是一个免费模块)

V2.1.4 Release

  • Refactor some code
  • Add French translation #
  • 优化代码
  • 加入法语翻译

V2.1.3 Release

  • Move detection test to an individual app
  • Update helps (See the about page)
  • Due to a bug, disable automatically remove uninstalled app config
  • 迁移检测测试到独立 app
  • 更新帮助(见关于页面)
  • 由于一个 bug,暂时关闭自动删除已卸载的 app 配置

V2.0.9 Release

  • Fix OnePlus ColorOS some interceptions not working
  • Fix bootloop on Android 7 #
  • 修复一加 ColorOS 部分拦截不生效
  • 修复安卓7卡开机

V2.0.5 Release

  • Fix Riru log not showing
  • 修复 Riru log 消失

V2.0.4 Release

  • Fix template not removed from app config while deleting
  • 修复删除模板后未从 app 设置中清除

V2.0.3 Release

  • A lot of refactors & new features:
  • Change template logics
  • Multi-templates support
  • Per-app individual config (additional applist / maps rules)
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Fix config migration #
  • 大量重构 & 新特性:
  • 完全更改模板配置逻辑
  • 多模板支持
  • 每个应用独立配置(可为每个应用设置额外应用名单和 maps 规则)
  • 大量 bug 修复
  • 修复配置迁移

XP V1.6.6

  • Change some ambiguous texts

  • 更改一些迷惑性文本

XP V1.6.5 + Riru V0.3.6

  • There are big changes to the riru extension, please do as following manually before reboot. Settings - Stop system service - Clean runtime environment at the same time
  • Move all file detection interceptions to Riru extension. For whether should you install Riru extension, please refer to the about page
  • Fix native hook crashes (For those who cannot run the previous Native version, you can try Riru extension now) #
  • 此次更新后端较前版变化较大,更新后请手动执行一遍 设置 - 停止系统服务 - 同时清理环境
  • Riru 插件加入签名认证,某个傻逼MT小子有本事继续二改倒卖啊
  • 迁移所有文件拦截至 Riru 插件,关于是否有必要安装,请参考关于页面
  • 修复 Native Hook 导致闪退、无法开机的问题(理论上曾经 Native 版导致闪退的问题已经修复了,现在可以使用 Riru 插件)

V1.6.1 Release

  • Change some colors
  • Add log page
  • Add /data/data/packagename detections
  • Add whitelist function, remove hide all apps option (For who checked "Hide all apps", you should switch the template to whitelist mode manually)
  • Remove exclude webview option, add exclude system apps option (Use with whitelist)
  • Remove hide TWRP option
  • Fix a regex bug

  • 修改一些配色
  • 增加日志功能
  • 加入/data/data/packagename检测
  • 增加白名单功能,移除隐藏所有app选项(之前勾选了隐藏所有app的请手动把模板设成白名单模式)
  • 移除排除Webview选项,增加排除系统应用选项(和白名单配合使用)
  • 移除隐藏TWRP
  • 修复正则bug

V1.5.4 Release

  • Add update check
  • Fix some bugs
  • Provide two version with and without native hooks, since third-party lib Dobby crashes on some devices

  • 添加更新检测
  • 修复一些bug
  • 提供两个版本,一个带native hooks一个不带,因为第三方库Dobby在某些设备上会崩溃