Google Dialer Framework

Dialer Framework Magisk Module for using Google Dialer / Google Phone. This module should work on almost any version of Android.

This is not associated with Google Inc. in any way.

This Magisk module installs the Dialer Framework for Google Phone. It will NOT install the Google Dialer / Google Phone application, but you can then easily install it through the Play Store. If you’re already able to install the Google Phone app from the Play Store and are not getting an error message when opening the app, then you don’t need this module. Updates for Google Phone can also be installed through the Play Store when using this module.

After version 4, it also features the “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE” feature for the device, in order to remove the “This device is unsupported and calls may not work correctly” message.

Download Google Dialer Framework Magisk Module

This module is not available as a downloadable zip file but you can get it easily from the Magisk App.



  • Install the Dialer Framework Magisk Module
  • Clear Google Play Store Data (if Google Phone can’t be installed via the Play Store)
  • (Possibly also clear Google Play Services Data)
  • Restart Phone or Restart Play Store
  • Install Google Phone from Play Store
  • Set Google Phone as the Default Dialer

Installing Google Phone

After you’ve installed the Magisk module, you can easily install Google Phone from the Play Store:
If the Play Store says that the app isn’t compatible with your device, then clean your Play Store data and restart your phone.