G-Visual Mod

Systemlessy customize your Android’s visual look and feel.


  • Magisk
  • Android Pie (9) and higher
  • Android Q (10) & Android R (11) for Pill Gesture Mod

Known supported ROMs

  • AOSP and Custom ROMs
  • MIUI 12 and higher
  • OxygenOS
  • OneUI (weak reports)

Known Issue

  • Immersive mode and Pill Transparency wont work on OxygenOS!
  • Immersive mode shows white pill on some apps in dark theme!

What this module do

UI Radius Mod

  • Change UI Roundyness

StatusBar & Notification Mod

  • Change StatusBar height
  • Change StatusBar padding
  • Enable Fullscreen apps (Notchkiller)
  • Change notification side padding
  • MIUI StatusBar bottom padding fix

Pill Gesture Mods

  • Change pill thickness and/or width
  • Change pill color
  • Change pill transparency
  • Immersive mode
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Reduce bottom keyboard space

How To Install

  • Flash the zip using Magisk (No working guarantee on recovery)
  • Install terminal emulator (There may be a problem with Termux)
  • Install busybox (optional)
  • Reboot
  • Type [gvm] on your terminal (You might have to type [su] before [gvm])

Download G-Visual Mod Magisk Module

This module is not available as a downloadable zip file but you can get it easily from the Magisk App.




Full changelog


  • Fixed: Pill mods won’t install
  • Added: Several default presets
  • Adjustment: Reduce bottom keyboard space no longer need additional module
  • Adjustment: Bottom margin pill
  • Some backend adjustments


  • Switch to terminal installation
  • UI Radius now support MIUI
  • Pill Gesture Length divided to Portrait and Landscape
  • Added StatusBar padding
  • Added Notification side padding
  • Fix immersive on various dpi phones
  • Will always restore your last option
  • You can input custom values now hehe


  • Fixed: Pill color on MIUI 12.5
  • Bottom margin fix currently uncompatible on MIUI 12.5


  • Fixed: UI radius doesn’t apply on some ROMs
  • Added: rounded pip (thx to DanGLES3 for pointing it out)
  • Added: additional UI radius configs
  • Added: lot of color options
  • Tiny cleanups


  • Fixed: color not changing on light mode (dark mode still buggy)
  • Fixed: rounded corner installation overlap


  • Fixed: random removed selection bug
  • Fixed: immersive issues


  • Move “keyboard bottom height” option to a single mod
  • Increase time on selection
  • Nicer gaps
  • Reduced confusion on installing

v3.0 (changelogs also comes from my older PGM module)

  • Updated: MMT-Ex Template
  • Updated: Volume Key Selector (MMT-Ex Addon)
  • Android 11+ support
  • Completely rewrite script
  • Added: AAPT to build overlays
  • Added: color options
  • Added: DualTone mode
  • Added: DualColor mode
  • Added: transparency options
  • Added: 3dp thickness option
  • Added: 180dp and 200dp width options
  • Added: MIUI template
  • Added: pill width landscape option
  • Added: radius iconshape option (NOT ALL ROM SUPPORTED)
  • Added: main menu for ez manage mods
  • Added: mods checking to preview selected mods
  • Added: remove selected mods before install
  • Added: keyboard bottom bar height adjusted based on pill thickness
  • Fixed: Immersive on MIUI and AOSP
  • Fixed: Lag and heating issue (Possibly)
  • Fixed: bugs a lot


  • Fixed URM when QS icon shape changed
  • Fixed MIUI detector bug
  • Added Immersive option (10’s Pill Gesture)
  • Added Invisible Mode (10’s Pill Gesture)
  • Added Dot Mode (10’s Pill Gesture)


  • Fix for Pie roms


  • Added 10’s Pill Gesture mod (IOS adjusted)
  • Added support for Android 10
  • Brand new MMT-EX template thx to Zackptg5


  • Fixed overlays not installing
  • Fixed notification dot bug
  • Vol button improvement


  • Add UI Radius Mod volume capability


  • Cleanups
  • UI Radius Mod improvement on some dialogs
  • Fix UI Radius Mod forced installation
  • Update NotchKiller, thx to zigafide


  • Added NotchKiller
  • Fix UI Radius Mod forced installation


  • Bug fixes
  • Update tutorials
  • Cleanoops


  • Initial Release