De-Bloater is an application using the power of Magisk to de-bloat unwanted applications systemless-ly.


  • Easily remove system apps from “/system”, “/vendor”, and “/product” directories.


De-Bloater requires Root Access and a fully functional Magisk environment, including modules, for proper working. As a result, De-Bloater won’t work with other rooting solutions as well as in Magisk core-only mode.

Download De-Bloater

Latest Version

De-Bloater v0.25

Improved app updates. Added French (Belgian), Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese (Traditional) translations. Updated other translations. Updated build tools and dependencies. Miscellaneous changes.

Here are all the versions:

De-Bloater v0.25

Improved app updates. Added French (Belgian), Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese (Traditional) translations. Updated other translations. Updated build tools and dependencies. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.24

Added Vietnamese and Chinese (Simplified) translations. Updated French translations. Updated build tools and dependencies. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.23

Added French translations (incomplete). Updated Italian & Polish translations. Updated Credits. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.22

Improved and enhanced main UI. Added option to Swipe change pages. Added new credits page. Updated translations message. Main UI now includes package names. Added searching in Inactive apps page. De-Bloater now targets Android 12 (S, SDK 31). Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.21

Fixed crashing Tomatot Debloater page. Fixed crashing app when root access is unavailable. Updated Gradle plugin to latest. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.20

De-Bloater now handles updated system apps. Improved backup/restore profiles. Miscellaneous changes. Request: If you managed to create good de-bloater profiles, please consider sending them to me so that I will create a device-specific database of profiles. Thanks.

De-Bloater v0.19

Largely improved app UI response. Replaced deprecated AsyncTask with a custom one. Added a welcome screen on the first app launch. Cleaned a lot of unnecessary code and largely improved coding quality. Enhanced Tomatot debloater UI. A lot more improvements under the hood.

De-Bloater v0.18

Improved case sensitivity in searching. Updated Gradle build tools. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.17

Allow debloating more apps (e.g. from /system_ext (need more testing) and /product/priv-app folders). Added Polish & German translations and updated others. Updated Gradle plugin. Internal improvements. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.16

Updates for Android 11. App will now target latest Android SDK. Implement own file picker for restore activities. Improved searching. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.15

Added a top TabLayout to easily switch app types. Fixed likely crashes on Android 11. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.14

Added Spanish and Italian translations. Updated some options on the about page. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.13

Improved Universal Android and Tomatot debloater. Updated Turkish and the Russian translation. Updated storage handling for Android 10 and above. Updated build tools and dependencies. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.12

Adapted Universal Android Debloater by @W1nst0n. Re-organized and largely improved coding. Slightly improved app UI. Added a start-up warning message. Temporarily fixed storage relates issues on Android 11. Updated build tools and dependencies. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.11

Added Turkish translations. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.10

Workaround to disable auto-update check on installation from F-Droid. Added detailed change-logs and licence views. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.9

Introduced a signature check to avoid conflicts with F-Droid.

De-Bloater v0.8

Updated Russian & Ukrainian translations. Updates for F-Droid submission. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.7

Use Magisk BusyBox binaries as much as possible. Updated app icon. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.6

Added backup and restore options. Use material style elements as much as possible. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater v0.5

Added custom script page. Switched to blue accent color. Added Ukrainian translation. Updated Russian translation. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater beta-v0.4

Fixed search results occasionally duplicating. Colorize (with the accent) titles on recycle view. Added a donate option. Added Russian translation. Added option to reverse app list. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater beta-v0.3

Added option to show apps from specific folders. Improved inactive app handling. Show app logo on startup. Improved app searching. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater beta-v0.2

Added options to sort active packages by name or package id. Improved restoring de-bloated apps. Implemented separate pop-up menu for individual pages. Slightly improved app UI. Miscellaneous changes.

De-Bloater beta-v0.1

Initial release

How to Use

Open the app, click the remove button on each app you want to remove. The selected apps will be removed systemless-ly after a reboot. To restore an app, either Reset Module (on the top menu) or selectively restore from the second page. Please note that a restart is necessary to get any of the changes in effect.

How it works

The app will systemless-ly replace the selected APKs by making a Magisk module. As a result, you will see a new Module (name: De-bloater).


In case, if you accidentally remove some important apps and your phone bootloops, please delete “/data/adb/modules/De-bloater” via recovery.