Call Recorder

Call recording app to record both sides from the line with a power of root and magisk.

This module allows the app (Call Recorder – SKVALEX) to use advanced root features, such as:

  • Record both sides (including Android 9 Pie and Android 10)
  • Start recording when a call get actually answered

If you already have installed the main app, install this module to get advanced features. If not, this module will install the app for you.

Download Call Recorder Magisk Module

You can get the latest version of Call Recorder from the below link:

Here’s all all the versions:

2.3.0 (3.6.6)

2.3.0 (3.6.5)

2.3.0 (3.6.4)

2.3.0 (3.6.3)

2.3.0 (3.6.2)

2.2.0 (3.6.1)

2.2.0 (3.5.5)

2.1.1 (3.5.4)

2.1.1 (3.5.3)

2.1.1 (3.5.2)

2.1.1 (3.5.1)

2.1.1 (3.5.0)

2.1.0 (3.5.0)


How to use it

After successful installation of this module, a star  will be shown prior audio source name selected in Settings → Recording → Standard API.

It’s recommended to use Standard API recording method with ★ Voice call uplink + downlink audio source. In case it doesn’t work for you as expected, try luck with other audio sources.


Full changelog

v.2.1.0 (3.4.7)

  • main app is system again

v.2.1.0 (3.4.5)

  • main app is not system anymore as it brings more problems than benefits: it’s still being killed by battery optimizers and some ROMs don’t allow to install apk updates

v.2.1.0 (3.2.5)

  • main app is now system: might help to not being killed by the system

Changelog for Add-on


  • updated magisk module format
  • moved the code for the ROOT method to the main app, so it’s removed from the add-on
  • removed self-update mechanism from add-on as the main app can now have it itself


  • improved ability to detect answer on outgoing calls
  • fixed bug with recording on Android 9


  • recording issue fixed on Samsung devices


  • fixed crash for pre-Pie devices


  • created Magisk module