4K60 Camera Mod

Camera Mod Magisk Module for Samsung devices that enables tons of new features and options to the Samsung camera.


  • UHD @ 60 FPS, QHD @ 120 FPS and more custom resolutions
  • Change audio bitrate, video encoder (enable HEVC), video bitrate
  • Front facing camera Pro Mode
  • Unlock Pro mode for Slow Motion resolutions
  • Unlock Auto mode for front camera – Disable post-processing
  • Custom ISO values in Pro mode (up to 6400)
  • Custom long exposure Shutter Speed values (up to 90 seconds)
  • Unlock Shutter Speeds slower than 1/30 for recording
  • Change ISO while recording
  • Enable HDR in UHD resolutions
  • Remove Low Battery Flash Limit at 15%.
  • Change Quick Launch Key from Home to Power in the settings and vice-versa
  • Remove the UHD 10 minutes recording limit

How to install:

  • Install the zip
  • Clear ShootingModeProvider’s data if you have any issues


  • Magisk 17+
  • Samsung Experience based ROM required
  • Officially supported devices:
    • Full support
      • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)
      • Samsung Galaxy S8(+)
      • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Not supported at all (mod doesn’t work):
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • All devices with different sensor resolution than 4032×3024 require a manual modification of /system/cameradata/camera-features-v7.xml at the moment

Download 4K60 Camera Mod Magisk Module

You can get the latest version of 4K60 Camera Mod by clicking the below link:




Full changelog


  • 48 FPS fix


  • Fixed a different Save as slow motion bug


  • Fixed UHFR only slow motion saving
  • Device detection fixes
  • Other minor fixes & improvements


  • Removed the S8/N8 UHD and FHD 60 FPS 10 mins limit
  • Fixed the “Save as slow motion” option
  • Fixed the 100 Mbps and 256 Kbps video/audio bitrate caps
  • Added QHD 60 FPS
  • Improved automatic device detection


  • Enabled some region/CSC specific features
    • Enabled Anti-fog mode
    • Enabled shutter sound toggle
  • Fixed effect UHD 30 FPS recording
  • Fixed UHD 48 FPS recording
  • Fixed S8/N8 unable to record selfie cam video bug
  • Fixed non-functional 720×480 and 320×240 on the S7 selfie cam
  • Made the module replace Samsung Camera 8 too
  • Started distributing the LVB APK – Live Broadcast mode enabled
  • Enabled AR Emoji


  • Fixed device detection bugs


  • Fixed UHFR modes for non-S7 devices
  • Made Samsung Gallery recognize UHFR videos as Slow Motion
  • Enabled AF/AE tracking for all non-UHFR modes
  • Fixed QCIF and NTSC preview aspect ratios
  • Created S8 modded lib
  • Enabled ISO changing during recording
  • Enabled Pro Mode for Selfie Cam (buggy/experimental)
  • Added custom mod settings
    • You can now save all videos as slow motion
    • Custom audio bitrates
    • Change video encoder
    • Change video bitrate


  • Updated the base APK to 7.6.86 (taken from the S7)
  • Added 1080p240


  • Fixed a bug where it installed N8 lib on S8 by default
  • Fixed a bug in the N8 lib itself
  • Made it automatically clear ShootingModeProvider’s data to avoid bugs
  • Fixed QCIF 10 FPS on the N8


  • Improved S8/N8 compatibility
    • Fixed S8+ device recognition
    • Created Note 8 modded lib
    • Fixed selfie camera crash
    • Fixed 60 FPS modes for the N8
  • Fixed the Unity installer


  • Added device specific defaults


  • Created alternate APK for people who don’t want to patch libexynoscamera.so


  • Started using the Unity installer
  • Improved compatibility with other devices


  • Added a device check


  • Initial Release